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Current Courses:

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Building for Excellence, 4th Edition: Management and Leadership Tools for 9-1-1 Professionals by Profile Evaluations, Inc.
This comprehensive and motivational course is a must for every current or aspiring supervisor or manager.  The course looks at management and leadership in terms of personal, organizational, and professional excellence within the field of public safety communications and provides you with the tools and information you need to build for excellence within your chosen profession. 

Most informative class I’ve had in a long time!!! The real-life scenarios and the fact this class was geared towards 911 specifically helped make it even better.

Hiring Right for 9-1-1, 3rd Edition by Profile Evaluations, Inc.
This very comprehensive course provides you with the tools and information you need to stop the revolving door of turnover and start hiring right!  Informative and practical, this course takes you through each step in the hiring process from laying the foundation to making the final hiring decision. Plus you receive 100 suggested interview questions, and sample Job Description, Self-Screening Questionnaire; Interview Rating Sheet; Interview Summary Sheet and Reference Check forms FREE with your course registration.

Excellent class, excellent instructor. This is my second class and I loved it as much as the first!


Communications Training Officer, 4th Edition by Profile Evaluations, Inc. and the Public Safety Group.
This very comprehensive course provides you with the tools and information you need to maximize your skills as a CTO or classroom trainer.  You learn how to design and conduct CTO and classroom training that ensures trainees learn the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this rapidly changing and critically important profession.  Plus, you receive a model SEG, DOR, Training Action Plan, and Classroom Evaluation Form FREE with your course registration.

This was one of the best online courses I have taken. Received great feedback from the instructor as well as student interaction. The responses and input from the instructor were personalized for each comment and each student. Great job PEI-911. 

Stress/Health & Wellness

Bring it On! 2nd Edition:  Surviving and Succeeding in this Crazy, Wonderful Profession by Profile Evaluations, Inc.
This informative and highly motivational course is a how-to guide for surviving shift work and stress, handling conflict resolution, and remaining positive in a negative environment. It’s valuable training for ALL communications professionals and a MUST for every new hire.

This course was so good for me and so much fun   Thank you!!!! 

Stress: It’s All in Your Head by the Public Safety Group.
This motivational course teaches you how to deal with your job-related stress as well as how to deal with stress at home.   If you are going to continue to perform your job at the highest level, you need to learn effective techniques for managing your stressors.

I enjoyed the class greatly.  The instructor was very helpful and the material invaluable. 


Active Assailant, 5th Edition by the Public Safety Group.
The active assailant has become a part of modern society.  This class gives you a historical perspective and will review numerous incidents including actual 9-1-1 calls and radio tapes.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this class!!!! I have also taken the APCO online active shooter class, which was excellent, however, I gained more knowledge from this course. 

Basic Telecommunicator Training, 3rd Edition by the Public Safety Group.
This course teaches you the basic skills and responsibilities of a public safety telecommunicator. Topics include roles and responsibilities, legal aspects, interpersonal communications, technologies, telephone techniques, call classification, radio communication, and stress management.

I think this course was awesome and well put together, I learned so much. 

Challenging Callers, 3rd Edition: Communicating with Children, the Elderly and the Mentally Impaired by Profile Evaluations, Inc.
Sometimes a caller is a small child, or is elderly, or suffering from a mental impairment such as Alzheimer’s or Autism.  Do you have the tools, and most of all the patience, to assist those callers?  This comprehensive course helps you gain a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with these challenging caller types.

The best online class I have taken!!! Make the classes more like this one….excellent!!! 

Communications Center Liability, 2nd Edition by the Public Safety Group.
We live in a litigious society and the threat of a lawsuit involving communications professionals is real.  It is important for all members of the communications center to learn skills to reduce liability.

I had expected this to be a bit of a boring course based on the topic, but to my surprise, it was very interesting. It was presented in a logical manner and the use of the tapes and cases really helped. 

Customer Service by the Public Safety Group.
Today it is not good enough to be technically competent. You must also provide a high level of service. This course teaches you how to increase the level of customer service you provide each day.

I found this course to be very helpful and thought provoking.  I learned some great tips on how to deliver better service to our callers.  I would recommend this course to anyone that takes high volumes of calls. 

Cultural Diversity, 3rd Edition – Ripped from the Headlines by the Public Safety Group.
More civil unrest has occurred in the past few years than occurred in the previous 40 years.  This class addresses your role in community-oriented policing, cultural diversity, de-escalation techniques and responder targeting.

I really enjoyed this course! It was easy to follow, and I loved hearing different perspectives from others in this field. I feel like the material that we covered and discussed will make me a better dispatcher. 

Crimes in Progress, 2nd Edition by the Public Safety Group.
This class provides you with the tools you need to respond to a variety of in-progress and high-risk calls. Topics include armed robberies, shootings, homicides, pursuits, and your role in responder safety and child missing calls.

Great course! Finally, a class that relates to us instead of someone that isn’t even in our field try to tell us how to do our jobs or what will make our jobs better when they have never sat behind the desk.

Domestic Violence, 2nd Edition by the Public Safety Group.
This course takes a dynamic look at the truths and myths associated with domestic violence. You’ll learn techniques for handling domestic violence calls, why people stay in abusive relationships, the cycle of violence and review several case studies.

This course was great!  I will use my knowledge from this course daily. 

Suicide Intervention, 2nd Edition by the Public Safety Group.
This interactive course educates public safety call takers in crisis intervention. Topics include suicide attitudes and facts, risk assessment of caller, risk assessment of responder, and call taker intervention.

I was impressed with the quality of content in a 3-week course and was not at all disappointed with the class. I have taken many online college courses and was unsure what a three-week course could really do and I am impressed.