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Professional Training for Public Safety Communications Professionals

PEI-911 Online is the online training platform of Profile Evaluations, Inc. (PEI)

PEI-911 Online has comprehensive online courses covering leadership and management, CTO certification, hiring communications professionals, and dispatcher and calltaker continuing education.

I have taken plenty of online courses but this one was by far the best. The textbook was excellent, and the assignments really made me think. The best part of this class was the instructor. The amount of knowledge I gained from the instructor was just amazing. All online courses should be like this!!


Quality, cost-effective online training for public safety communications call taker, dispatcher, CTO and communications supervisor personnel.

  • INFORMATIVE – Timely and easy-to-understand instruction provided by top industry experts.
  • INTERACTIVE – Students and instructors continuously interact through online assignments.
  • REWARDING – Students can network with their peers – share information and discuss subjects of mutual interest.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – No travel costs and no hidden fees. All course materials and textbooks included in the tuition.

Benefits of taking a PEI-911 Online course…

PEI-911 online courses are instructor-led and range from 3 to 6 weeks online.

  • Because the courses are 3-6 weeks online…
    • More topics are covered than can be covered in a 1-4 day “live” course
    • Each topic is covered more in-depth
    • There is more opportunity to practice new skills.
  • Because the courses are instructor-led…
    • The student receives one-on-one instruction which is not possible in a classroom setting.
    • All assignments and instructor feedback are viewed by all students – which gives each student the benefit of learning from their peers
  • Because the courses are online…
    • Students gain the perspectives of students from agencies not in their immediate area, which helps to broaden their understanding of different agency practices.
Use the Best to Train the Best!

I can say in all honesty that this is one of the best online courses that I've ever taken. I took this course even though I am not in a leadership position because I want to prepare myself for promotion. I feel like this course has adequately done that. It made me think. It challenged my thinking and my problem-solving skills. It gave me some great ammo myself to take into my future career. The instructor is phenomenal. She always gave excellent feedback to all of our posts, kept us on our toes, and made sure that we thought things out for ourselves. Really, really a great job!!!