Pre-Employment Testing and Interviewing –The Employee Evaluation Program (EEP) Interviewing & Hiring Kit - PEI’s Complete Employee Interviewing and Hiring Kit for Public Safety Communications Positions.

Includes over 190 suggested call-taker, dispatcher and communications supervisor interview questions; numerous customizable documents and checklists; and comprehensive guidelines for each step in the hiring process.

Personality Testing - Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP)

Validated by PEI for public safety call-taker, dispatcher, communications supervisor, entry-level police officer and EMT/paramedic positions. Provides valuable assistance in identifying those individuals who will fit these positions and culture.

Online Training - PEI-911 Online

Quality, cost-effective online training for police, fire and emergency medical services call-taker, dispatcher, CTO and communications supervisor personnel. Includes leadership training, supervisor training, CTO training, and 9-1- 1 call-taker and dispatcher in-service training.

Consulting Services

Job Analysis Studies and agency-specific Performance Appraisal System development for public safety communications call-taker, dispatcher, CTO, supervisor, and communications director positions.