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About Us

PEI-911 Online is the online training platform of Profile Evaluations, Inc. (PEI)  PEI-911 Online offers online courses from PEI and the Public Safety Group (PSG).  PEI and PSG are dedicated to the field of public safety communications.  We are committed to providing whatever assistance we can to ensure that public safety communications personnel achieve the recognition they deserve and that the professionalism of this profession is accepted by those inside and outside the industry.

Profile Evaluations, Inc.

Profile Evaluations, Inc. (PEI) has been serving the public safety communications industry since 1988.  Experts in employee selection, training and development, PEI was the first to develop and validate an employee selection program specifically for public safety communications personnel, that assessed “soft skills” – personality, mental ability, and multi-tasking – through testing and behavior-based interviewing.  This program, the Employee Evaluation Program (EEP), and its updated version, PRE- Communications, has been used by over 900 agencies in the U.S. and abroad.  In 2007, PEI launched the online training platform – PEI-911 Online, that offers comprehensive, instructor-led online training courses from PEI and the Public Safety Group (PSG).  PEI-911 Online continues PEI’s 34+ year dedication to quality and excellence and, due to its popularity, is now the primary focus of PEI’s business.

The Public Safety Group

The Public Safety Group (PSG) was incorporated in 1994 to train public safety professionals. The Public Safety Group has provided training for more than 1,000 public safety professionals a month all over the United States. The Public Safety Group’s motto is to provide the highest quality training at affordable prices. PSG offers live and online training that is professional and motivational.  For more information about PSG visit www.publicsafetygroup.com

Course Developers and Lead Instructors

Profile Evaluations, Inc.

Candice Solie (Candi) is President of PEI.  She has worked in the public safety communications industry for over 34 years and is a well-known speaker and trainer on issues relating to public safety communications employee selection, training, and management. She has extensive knowledge and experience in training course design and instruction, as well as job analysis and performance appraisal system design and development for public safety communications positions.

Ms. Solie previously served as the Director of the APCO Institute, the training division of APCO International. During her tenure, she oversaw all Institute operations and designed and co-authored several highly successful new hire and in-service training programs for public safety communications personnel, including Public Safety Telecommunicator I, 6th Edition (PST1-6) student and instructor courses, Fire Communications, 1st Edition student and instructor courses, and the Registered Public SafetyLeader (RPL) certification course. She also wrote and presented numerous web seminars relating to employee selection, training, and management. Prior to her tenure at the APCO Institute, Ms. Solie served on the APCO Editorial Advisory Committee and the APCO Call Center Standards Committee.

Richard Solie (Dick) is CFO of PEI.  He has over 34 years’ experience as a public safety communications consultant.  He served four years (two terms) on the APCO Board of Directors as the CAC Board Representative and was the recipient of the 2020 APCO Jack Daniel Award of Distinction for exceptional accomplishments by a commercial member in the field of Public Safety Communications.  He also has served on the APCO Strategic Planning Workgroup, the Management Symposium team, the CEI Task Force, the Professional Development Events Committee, the Telematics Committee, and the Registered Public Safety Leader (RPL) course development work group. 

Prior to joining PEI, Dick was Executive Vice President of one of the nation’s largest financial services companies where he was responsible for the design and implementation of new products and services, and the selection and development of a staff of over 300 employees. 

Dick holds a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law and is a licensed attorney in the State of Minnesota.

Public Safety Group

Tony Harrison is President of The Public Safety Group.  He has over 35 years of public safety communications experience.  He has lectured to over 20,000 public safety professionals in more than 150 cities, 48 states and 3 countries and presented at national APCO and NENA conferences.  He holds a BA in Criminal Justice and a MA in Political Science. 

Tony has served as a deputy sheriff, retiring after 20 years with the rank of Captain, and a calltaker, dispatcher, training coordinator and communications supervisor.  Tony was the on-duty shift supervisor during the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, the largest domestic terrorist event in U.S. history.  Tony has served on numerous national APCO and NENA committees.  He also holds the distinction of APCO life member and Emergency Number Professional (ENP) from NENA.

Adjunct Instructors

Our adjunct instructors represent some of the finest instructors in public safety communications.  Each instructor has extensive public safety communications experience.

Paul Barbour is a highly decorated 29-year veteran of the Edmond Police Department, as well as a professional consultant.  His career began as a dispatcher in Locust Grove, OK.  After 4 1/2 years as a dispatcher at Locust Grove, he joined the Edmond police Department as an officer and retired as a Lieutenant in 2014.   Paul holds an A.S. Degree in Police Science and is a certified police advanced instructor with CLEET as well as a Certified QPR Instructor and a Certified Internal Affairs Investigator.

Paul was a dispatcher during the time of the Edmond Post Office Massacre in 1986, which remains one the deadliest workplace violence acts in American History.  Paul has responded to numerous volatile situations which include barricaded suspects, high risk actively armed suicidal people, suicidal barricades, and hostage situations.  He led the Crisis Negotiations Team at the Edmond Police Department for 16 years, beginning with its inception under his leadership in 1998, and is a graduate of the FBI’s prestigious National Crisis Negotiation Course. 

Michelle Henderson began her career in 1993 as a police dispatcher with the Oklahoma City Police Department.   She worked there for six years answering 911 calls and dispatching officers in the field.   During that time, she was also a trainer responsible for overseeing many new dispatchers as they began their career.   In 1999, Michelle left dispatch and went to the police academy.  She worked as a patrol officer for six years and then was promoted to Investigations as a detective.   In 2011, she was promoted to Lieutenant as a first-line supervisor.  Michelle is currently assigned to dayshift patrol as a field supervisor on the east side of the city.  After leaving dispatch in 1999, Michelle continued to work many overtime hours as a dispatcher.  It is only recently that she retired her headset.

Brian Porter Sr. has been an instructor for the Public Safety Group for over 18 years bringing over 33 years of public safety experience to the table.  He has lectured to hundreds of public safety professionals across the United States and online.  Brian is currently a shift supervisor for the Stillwater, Oklahoma Central Communications / E-911 Division where he has served for over 28 years.  He has served as call taker, dispatcher, instructor, communications training officer, training coordinator, and supervisor.  Brian has completed thousands of hours of training spanning all public safety disciplines including police, fire, EMS, and emergency management.  He has vast experience on both sides of the radio having served as a reserve police officer, a volunteer firefighter, and as an intermediate EMT/Field Supervisor for over 14 years.  Brian has served as the Oklahoma TERT Coordinator, Vice President of The Oklahoma State Law Enforcement Communications Association, President of the Oklahoma APCO Chapter, and the conference chairman for the Oklahoma Public Safety Conference.