About PEI...

Profile Evaluations, Inc. (PEI) is a management consulting firm working in the area of public sector employment practices and procedures, with a primary emphasis on public safety communications employee selection and development.  Founded in 1988, PEI is a leader in public safety communications employee selection, training and development.  PEI's customer base includes police, fire, EMS agencies and combined communications centers of all types and sizes and we have first-hand knowledge of the management philosophies, organizational aspects and staffing requirements of public safety responders and dispatch service providers:

In this regard PEI has:

Principals of PEI

Richard Solie is President of PEI. He has over 31 years’ experience as a public safety communications consultant and currently serves on the APCO Commercial Advisory Council (CAC). He previously served on the APCO Board of Directors, the APCO Management Symposium team, the APCO ADA Committee, the APCO Telematics Committee and the APCO Registered Public Safety Leader (RPL) course development work group. He also is a past Chair of the NENA 9-1-1 Operations Human Resources Committee. Prior to joining PEI, Dick was Executive Vice President of one of the nation’s largest financial services companies where he was responsible for the design and implementation of new products and services, and the selection and development of a direct staff of over 300 employees. Dick holds a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law, and is a licensed attorney in the State of Minnesota.

Candice Solie is Vice President of PEI.  She has over 31 years’ experience as a public safety communications trainer/consultant and is a well-known speaker and trainer on issues relating to public safety communications selection, training and management.  Ms. Solie has extensive knowledge and experience in training course design and instruction, and is currently one of the lead course developers and instructors for PEI’s online training platform - PEI-911 Online.

Her training course design work as a principal of PEI includes the online courses Building for Excellence – Management and Leadership Tools for 9-1-1 Professionals, Communications Training Officer, Challenging Callers: Communicating with Children, the Elderly and the Mentally-Impaired, Hiring Right for 9-1-1, and Bring it On! Surviving and Succeeding in this Crazy, Wonderful Profession, as well as several agency-specific new-hire classroom and on-the-job (O-J-T) training programs.

Ms. Solie previously served on the APCO Operating Procedures Committee, the APCO Editorial Advisory Committee, and the original P33 APCO Call Center Standards Committee.  She also served as the Director of the APCO Institute.  During her tenure, she oversaw all Institute operations and designed and co-authored several highly successful new hire and in-service training programs for public safety communications personnel, including Public Safety Telecommunicator I, 6th Edition (PST1-6) student and instructor courses, Fire Communications, 1st Edition student and instructor courses, and the Registered Public SafetyLeader (RPL) certification course.  She also wrote and presented numerous web seminars relating to employee selection, training and management.