PRE-Communications is a comprehensive selection PROGRAM for call taker, dispatcher and communications supervisor personnel.

PRE-Communications includes:

Job-related, valid personality and cognitive ability testing:

  • Valuable assistance in identifying those individuals with the “right stuff” – the ones who will fit your culture and be able to learn the job.
  • Proven track record – used for public safety employee selection since 1988.
  • Significantly improves a practical, skill-based testing process by helping you look at the “total” candidate.

Job-related, valid pre-employment interview questions and guidelines:

PRE-Communications Administration and Scoring

The test battery can be administered online or paper and pencil.

The test battery may also be administered paper and pencil by the agency and sent to PEI for scoring.  There is no additional charge for PEI scoring the test battery.

PRE-Communications Pricing

The first order is the Quick Start Package which includes 5 testing uses, the Complete Employee Interviewing and Hiring kit for Public Safety Positions, 2nd Edition, all program instructions, and online scoring site set-up.  At only $525.00, it’s an excellent way to experience the full PRE testing and interview process.

Additional testing uses are priced on a per test basis, with volume discounts applied based on the number of tests purchased.

Contact PEI for more information and a demo of the test battery.