Personality Testing – Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP)

90% of people who fail in the job due so because of a lack of a match between the
personality of the person and the personality of the job

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The CPP is part of the test battery used in PEI’s Employee Evaluation Program (EEP). It is also available as a stand-alone assessment tool for those agencies who wish to add personality compatibility testing to their practical, skill-based testing process.  

No other personality assessment tool currently offered for public safety positions gives you the in-depth information provided by the CPP!

The CPP is specifically validated by PEI for the following public safety positions:

The CPP is scored online via the Internet.  Administrators can choose to administer the test online or have the candidate take the test paper and pencil.

The CPP –

The CPP is used for:

Employee Selection
The CPP assists management in determining the compatibility of the candidate with the personality requirements of the position.  It helps managers to determine that job/person fit.  The CPP also assists management in developing more focused, job-related interviews and reference checks.

Improving Management Effectiveness
With a better understanding of their employee’s CPP results, managers are better prepared to motivate their employees to meet both personal and organizational objectives.

Employee Development
The CPP provides employees with an objective analysis of their personal job-related strengths and identifies areas for improvement.

Communications and Team building
Trainers and managers may use CPP results to help employees work more effectively as a team.  CPP results help to foster better communications within work groups as employees use their individual traits to work toward common goals.

The online scoring generates detailed narrative personality "Profile" Reports on candidates and/or employees.

Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP) Price List

15 - 24 Testing Uses $33.00 each
25 - 49 Testing Uses $30.00 each
50 - 99 Testing Uses $26.75 each
100 - 149 Testing Uses $22.75 each
150 - 250 Testing Uses $20.50 each
Online Scoring Fee (Automatically added to each order. Provides 12-month online scoring access for the tests purchased with this order plus any tests remaining from previous orders).