Updated 2018 PEI's Complete Employee Interviewing and Hiring Kit for Public Safety Communications Positions, 2nd Edition

PEI’s Complete Employee Interviewing and Hiring Kit, 2nd Edition is included with the PRE-Communications Quick Start Package.  It is also available as a stand-alone product.

PEI’s Complete Employee Interviewing and Hiring Kit, 2nd Edition puts YOU in charge of your interview and hiring process.  Informative and practical, this kit takes you through each step in the hiring and interview process, from laying the foundation to making the final hiring decision.

Each chapter outlines essential information and includes sample documents that can be customized to any agency’s specific organizational needs. All suggested interview questions relate specifically to the knowledge, skills, abilities and other (personal) characteristics (KSAOs) identified through job analysis for a Public Safety Telecommunicator and a Communications Supervisor position.

You can download templates from our password-protected Resources page that will help you create agency-specific versions of the documents included in the kit.  You can also download ready-to-use Interview Summary Sheets for your use at the end of the interview process.

In one comprehensive kit you receive…

Take charge of your interviewing and hiring process
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